2023–24 Graduate Tuition and Fees

All tuition, fees, and other charges stated in this publication are payable in U.S. dollars ($US). The following charges do not apply to undergraduate courses.

If enrolled in a combination of undergraduate courses (numbered 0000–4999) and graduate courses (numbered 6000–7999), you will be charged according to each category. In other words, the total credits taken in courses numbered 0000–4999 will be charged according to the undergraduate rate schedule without regard to the number of credits taken in 6000–7999 level courses.

In general, your courses will be charged the rate associated with the discipline or school offering the course instead of being based on the degree program you are pursuing. Doctoral students who take 6000-level courses within their school/ department are charged at the doctoral rate. If doctoral students take 6000-level courses from other schools/departments they are charged at that program rate.

Graduate mandatory fees

Technology Fee

$110 per quarter (11 or more credits)

$10 per credit (10 credits or less)

Continuing education courses in education and fees are published in the Center for Professional Education’s Course Finder; business certificate program information is available on the School of Business, Government, and Economics’ Professional Education site. You can also review undergraduate tuition and fees.

College of Arts and Sciences (per credit)

  Per Credit
Fine Arts, Creative Writing (MFA) $595
Nutrition (MS) $715

School of Business, Government, and Economics (per credit)

  Per Credit
Business Administration (MBA) $725
Data Analytics for Business (MS) $900
Information Systems (MS-IS) $900
Management (MAM-HR) – Human Resources Track $900
Analytical Skills in Business Certificate $725
Business Systems and Strategy Certificate $725
Cybersecurity Certificate $900
Data Analytics Basic Certificate $900
Data Analytics Programming Certificate $900
Human Resources Management Certificate $725
Impact Enterprise Certificate $725
Information Systems Certificate $900
Managing Organizations Certificate $725
Responsible Leadership Certificate $725

School of Education (per credit)

  Per Credit
Education, General $735
Educational Leadership (MEd) $735
Curriculum and Instruction (MEd) $735
Digital Educator Leadership (MEd) $595
Literacy, Language, and Equity (MEd) $735
School Counseling (MEd) $735
Accelerated Master in Teaching Math and Science (AMTMS) $670/$735
Digital Education Leadership Certificate $595
Superintendent Certification $735
School Executive Leadership Program Administrator w/Certification $735
School Executive Leadership Certification w/Specialization $735
Accelerated Master of Arts in Teaching (AMAT) $670/$735
Program Administrator Certification $735
Principal Certification $735
Doctoral (EdD) $860
Doctoral (PhD) $860

School of Health Sciences (per credit)

  Per Credit
Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) $899

School of Psychology, Family, and Community (per credit)

  Per Credit
Marriage and Family Therapy (MS) $827
Medical Family Therapy Certificate $827
Industrial-Organizational Psychology (MA) $852
Industrial-Organizational Psychology (PhD) $915
Clinical Psychology (PhD) $899
Research Psychology (MS) $715

School of Theology/Seattle Pacific Seminary (per credit)

  Per Credit
Master of Divinity (MDiv) $595
Theology (MA) $595
Graduate Certificate in Christian Studies $595

Nine-month expense budget (excludes Clinical Psychology program)

  Living on/off campus Living at home
Tuition $20,520 $20,520
Housing and Food $15,498 $8,592
Books and Supplies $768 $768
Transportation $1,938 $1,938
Miscellaneous/Personal $1,950 $1,950
Technology fee $90 $90
Average Loan Fee $200 $200
Total $40,964 $34,058

*Average number of credits per quarter is approximately 9 at $760/credit.

Clinical Psychology program nine-month expense budget

CPY students are eligible for additional direct loans and, therefore, require a unique budget.

  Living on/off campus Living at home
Tuition* $32,940 $32,940
Housing and Food $15,498 $8,592
Books and Supplies $768 $768
Transportation $1,938 $1,938
Miscellaneous/Personal $1,950 $1,950
Technology fee $110 $110
Average Loan Fee $200 $200
Total $53,404 $46,498

*Average number of credits per quarter is approximately 12 at $899/credit.